#8 Bookreview of Lonely Castle in The Mirror by Mizuki Tsujimura

Title: Lonely Castle in The Mirror
Author: Mizuki Tsujimura
Publication date: 22 April 2021
Version: Ebook ( eARC via Netgalley )
Rating: 4.9/5
Pages: 368 pages
Genre: Mystery, Fantasy

What would you do if the mirror in your room started to shine and pull you inside? When you arrived there, you realize there are 7 others including a weird girl wearing a wolf mask? All seven are given a mission to find a key that would grant any wish. What would you do? And what’s the secret behind all the mysterious castle and who are the others?

I have never read any books quite like this.
It’s brilliant and fantastic in its way. When I read this, it was like I was pulled into a set of manga or seeing its live-action. I can see how the book going to be an amazing adaptation; if they decide to make one.

It’s rich and vivid with loads of emotions.
The author cleverly analyzes what’s popular and a big “hit” in children’s world by making a twist on folklore or children’s stories and mix them up so that the reader’s heart will keep on pounding and eyes the story in amazement. The author also inserts what is considered the famous genre in Japan; sci-fi with a bit of time-travel or time-slip. Or so you think…

What first got me into requesting this title is because the synopsis mentioned it has a touch of Convenience Store Woman. And so underneath all the fantastical things I mentioned, it’s just to add spice to the story. The Lonely Castle is an emotional read and serves the readers with the message that hey, I know you’re struggling, but don’t you dare to give up. Keep on going, inspired others to do the same so that they could break free too. Every life is important. And that includes yours.

It’s devastating that every single day so many children become a victim of bullying simply because of a pathetic reason. Teachers not being helpful, parents not trusting and so children can’t open up. And so to whom children should rely on for help? I believe the author had taken a great initiative to come up with a writing that highlights what’s our children silently experiencing and decide no more hiding as we got lots of work to do. This book is a symbol of “hope is still there”.

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